The sex industry is a multi-billion dollar world-wide industry. It affects every city, every town and every state. The sex industry, defined, is any business that either directly or indirectly provides sex-related products and services or adult entertainment. In practice, it is the buying and selling of sex or sexual activity through strip clubs, online escort businesses and websites (such as backpage.com), street prostitution and forced sexual slavery, otherwise known as sex trafficking. Through the sex industry, people become products. Women become a commodity and children become a means to a financial end. God did not create anyone to be sold. No one on earth was designed to be bought and traded for sex. Purchased believes that it must be stopped. We are fighting to see an end in our city.


Global strip club annual revenue


of women in the sex industry said they wanted to escape, but had no other means for survival


children in the U.S. are at risk every year for commercial sexual exploitation



Purchased is a ministry designed to LOCATE, LOVE and MOTIVATE women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking.  The desire of Purchased is to love women the way Jesus would, teaching them that they are enough, showing them that they have been created by God for a beautiful purpose and walking them to a healthy life both physically and spiritually.  Through outreach, friendship, and biblical community we want to lead women to full restoration in Christ. 

He has purchased them with His son, they are no longer for sale.

Purchased is a ministry of The Hub: Urban Ministry


Strip Clubs
These outreaches are designed as our first point of contact with girls in the club industry. We get their names, learn a little about them and give them a gift that contains our hotline and contact info. This is their direct line to a family, friends and the resources that they are desperate for.


Stripper Academy

Stripper Academy is a 6 month program for girls in the club industry to transition out of the club and into a holistically changed life. It is about more than just leaving the exotic dancing world; it’s about a full recovery both physically, emotionally and spiritually. The program teaches Biblical principles, offers vital resources and links the girls to new employment. The girls of Stripper Academy leave COMPLETELY changed.


The House

The House is a recovery home for girls in the sex industry. It is a 3 phase program that is intensive and transformational. The program takes a girl that is actively being sold and moves her to complete and full freedom. The House is designed to be a safe haven and a place for girls to receive healing and true change.


Street Prostitution

Purchased has very active outreaches to local motels and popular “tracks” or streets that girls work in our city. Each girl is given a gift and our contact info. We stress the importance of calling and setting up appointments. Many of the girls in street prostitution are being controlled by a pimp, so that hotline is their life line. We also have outreaches to girls who have been incarcerated for prostitution. These 15 minute visits give us the opportunity to educate the girls on their options and what programs we offer. We teach a weekly class at our parish jail that gives girls the ability to make different decisions when they are released.


Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking exists when someone is being sold who is under the age of 18 or against their will. Purchased aims to respond to these situations by serving as a liaison for the victim to facilitate rescue and rehabilitation.



Purchased: Not for Sale works with girls under the age of 18 who are at risk of prostitution or actively involved. Our work with prevention is to step into the lives of at risk girls and give them the ability to make steps to get out of prostitution. Any child under 18 who is involved in prostitution is legally a victim of trafficking. Purchased aims to be an end to the selling of children by being a voice for the victim and pushing the systems in place in our city to act on behalf of each child. We want to see child trafficking end in Shreveport-Bossier.



  • Free medical care program
  • Free mental health program and Christian counseling
  • Advocacy in the jail and court system
  • Bible classes and discipleship groups
  • Access to recovery and rehab
  • Job training and new employment
  • Access to GED and other education opportunities
  • Recovery Home
  • Emergency Housing



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Purchased is a ministry of The Hub: Urban Ministry

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